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The Academy provides first-class football training, delivered by a team of dedicated and professional coaches. Sessions are deliberately varied in both content and difficulty. All training is informed by the Academy’s key principles and is focused towards matchday development.


Sessions include physical, technical and tactical input accompanied with reflective and developmental opportunities. They are scheduled around students’ academic timetables, meaning they can access the additional enrichment opportunities available in the Sixth Form.


Students typically train two to three times per week in addition to a weekly matchday. If a student has no match a training session is usually delivered.



Reflection is a key part of a player’s development at the Academy and the recording and analysis of matches is a key part of this process.

Academy students have access to a VEO camera and online editing platform. This allows students to critically evaluate their work on the pitch and informs each student’s bespoke training programme. In groups, students discuss technique and tactics and provide critical peer advice that is not possible during live training or matches.

In addition, the VEO platform enables students to create a live portfolio of personalised highlight reels to showcase their best work. This can then be used as a promotional tool to facilitate students’ transition onto appropriate pathways upon exit from the Academy.

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