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Blenheim High School and Chelsea FC Foundation are excited to launch a player pathway for young aspiring female players from years 7-10 from September 2023.


Our goal is to promote from within and we are motivated to integrate players from our player pathway into our our established Sixth Form Academy.

Spaces are by invitation and will be allocated to players from local clubs and/or with existing connections with Blenheim Football or Chelsea FC Foundation. If you would like to be considered for an invitation to join please complete our contact form.


Our player pathway is designed to equip players aged 11-16 with the high level of skills needed to enter our Sixth Form Girls' Academy.


Training sessions are weekly and form part of a 6-week block. A group for each year group (7-10) is invited to training sessions which take place at Blenheim High School.


All players receive high quality coaching from Chelsea FC Foundation coaching staff and regular feedback will be provided to players and parents/carers. Coaching is designed to complement after-school and out of school club coaching that players may also take part in. All training sessions will be planned in-line with a termly training syllabus which will challenge all players technically, tactically, physically and psychologically.


All sessions will include:


  • Technical repetition.

  • High intensity practices.

  • Opportunities to improve decision making under pressure. 

  • Small unit focus (1v1s / 2v2s / 3v3s).

  • Small sided games.

All year 10 players who take part in sessions for the entire year (6 x 6-week blocks) will be eligible to attend exclusive trials for the Sixth Form Academy ahead of general applicants and will receive a discount on their kit upon entry to the Academy.


Players are invited to join the Player Development Pathway via local clubs and existing connections. However, if you are interested in joining please get in touch before booking a space. 


Spaces are booked in 6-week blocks and can be reserved below. A waiting list will operate for full sessions. Please note that every new player must pay the enrolment fee which includes the latest Nike kit and a guaranteed space on all coaching blocks for the year.

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