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The Blenheim Girls’ Football Academy in association with Chelsea FC Foundation was launched in September 2018 and allows girls aged 16-18 to benefit from the unique opportunity to benefit from an academic post-16 education alongside an industry leading full programme of professional football coaching.

With women’s football one of the fastest growing sports in England, the Academy allows young women the opportunity to pursue their footballing dreams, gain a wider understanding of the career opportunities the industry offers and to gain academically credible qualifications that open doors to both UK and US Universities.


Develop into a well rounded, driven, ambitious Sixth Form

student who is well equipped to make their way in the world and who sets an excellent example to other Blenheim students.

Benefit from a rich academic learning environment coupled

with an industry led full programme of professional football


Access an appropriate exit pathway. Typical pathways include

UK Universities, direct employment into the football industry,

other forms of employment and, potentially, Scholarships at US


Leave an enduring legacy that promotes the Academy as

a vehicle for students to realise their potential both in the

classroom and on the football pitch.


The creation of the Academy demonstrates not only Blenheim’s commitment to its students but also an ambition to engage and serve the local and wider community. Chelsea FC Foundation and Blenheim High School both fundamentally believe in a growth mindset, with the principle of constant improvement at the centre of all work.

It is this common philosophy that has helped create a unique Academy that delivers excellent football development opportunities coupled with a high-quality post–16 education.

All members of the Blenheim school community value and develop the characteristics of hard work, resilience, innovation and improvement. At Blenheim, there is a constant expectation of ‘wanting to get better’.


This mindset has inspired rapid growth of the Academy over the last few years. Investment has propelled the Academy to become a first-class training environment that supports students to be successful.

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